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What do Social Profiles see when I request Usage Rights?
What do Social Profiles see when I request Usage Rights?
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The first thing a Social Profile sees when you request Usage Rights is an Instagram DM with your message and a dedicated URL.

When the Social Profile clicks to open the link, they’ll see all the content you’ve ever requested permission to use (with your most recent Usage Rights request displayed first).

As soon as they approve or reject a request, that asset will automatically display the updated status. It looks like this:

While you’re customizing your Usage Rights request inside Archive, you will see a dynamic view of what the message will look like for the Social profile.

Keep in mind that the URL won’t work until you actually send your request to the Social Profile.

If you want to test out the experience for yourself, we recommend using a personal account to tag your brand account in a post.

Then you can use Archive to send a Usage Rights request from your brand account, and use your personal account to click through and approve or reject the request.

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