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How do I request Usage Rights from a Social Profile?
How do I request Usage Rights from a Social Profile?
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Archive's 'Usage Rights' feature lets you request content usage rights directly from Social Profiles within your Archive dashboard. This revolutionary feature simplifies the process, making it easier and quicker to repurpose content for your brand marketing campaigns while staying compliant with copyrights. Let's delve into how you can make the most of this feature.

Requesting Usage Rights

  1. Find the Social Profile content you want to repurpose within the app. Once you've identified the content, click "Looking for usage rights?" at the bottom.

  2. A new window will open that allows you to personalize your message. Here, you can go over your request, explaining why you want to use the content and how it will be used. Click "Save as Default Message" to make it your default message whenever you request Usage Rights. On the right portion of the page, you will also see what it looks like on the Influencer’s side.

  3. Once you have personalized your message, click "Send Request." Your request will be sent directly from your brand's Instagram account.

Please note: Due to Instagram's policies, we can only message the influencer on your behalf if they have sent you a DM in the last 24 hours. In such cases, you'll need to go ahead and send the request manually. Copy the message that includes the link from the same window and paste it into your DM to the influencer.

What Happens Next?

Once the request is sent, the social profile will receive a notification of your request. Here's how it works from their end:

  1. They will receive a DM with your personalized message + link of request.

  2. They can view your request and decide whether to approve or decline it.

  3. The influencer can approve your request in just two clicks, streamlining the process for them.

    Managing Your Requests

    Your Archive dashboard allows you to easily monitor the status of your usage rights requests. You can use the Usage Rights filters to your Content view:

    Note: These filters help you track your requests and plan your content strategy accordingly. This feature currently only works for Instagram Reels, Stories, and Feed Posts.

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