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Archive - Installation Guide
Archive - Installation Guide

For installation troubleshooting and frequently asked questions

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App Installation Errors

Archive automatically detects content you’re tagged in. To make sure we detect all the story mentions, posts, and reels, your account should be all set up correctly.

Why are your Instagram stories, posts, and reels not showing up in the Archive dashboard?

It might be because your Instagram is not connected to your Facebook page or Instagram access to messages is disabled. To make sure your account is connected, here’s the step-by-step process you can follow via mobile for both scenarios.

Enabling Instagram Access to Messages

Step 1. Access Settings on Instagram by clicking the three lines icon on the right corner part of your screen.

Step 2. Click Settings

Step 3. Under Settings click Privacy

Step 4. Under Privacy click Messages

Step 5. Finally, under Connected Tools tap the toggle to Allow access to Messages.

Connecting your Instagram Account to your Facebook Page

Step 1. Access Settings on Instagram by clicking the three lines icon on the upper corner part of your phone.

Step 2. Click Settings

Step 3. Under Settings click Account

Step 4. Under Account, tap Sharing to other apps

Step 5. Under Sharing to other apps, tap Facebook

Step 6. If this is your first time connecting, this prompt will pop up.

Here, just tap on Start sharing to Facebook.

Step 7. Lastly, to ensure continuous connection, allow automatic sharing of IG content by ticking the toggles below.

Installation FAQs

Does Archive also display user-generated content from the past?

  • For Instagram feed posts and reels you are tagged in: we will detect up to 30 most recent posts since installation.

  • For Instagram stories you are tagged in: we will only detect content posted within 24 hours of your installation.

  • For hashtags you added: we will detect the most recent 30 posts.

What's the resolution of the content displayed on the app?

  • It will be the highest resolution possible after Instagram's own image/video compression.

Will Archive affect my site's loading speed?

  • No, the app will not affect your site's loading speed.

Is Archive only for Shopify merchants?

  • No, non-Shopify merchants with an active Professional Instagram Account and a corresponding Facebook page can use Archive.

Can I reconnect Archive via desktop?

  • No, since Instagram settings is not available via desktop, reconnection can only be done through mobile.

Can I connect multiple Instagram accounts to a Facebook page and vice versa?

  • Archive can only connect to a single Facebook Page and Instagram account. Please reconnect Archive and select only one of each.

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