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How to Set Up Slack Notifications
How to Set Up Slack Notifications

Step-by-Step Guide to Setting Up and Managing Your Slack Notifications

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This guide will help you set up and manage your Slack notifications efficiently, covering everything from basic setup to customizing your preferences.

The first step is to navigate to your Integrations page. To do this, click on the Hamburger Icon at the top right of your screen and then select Integrations from the menu.

You will see a Connect to Slack button if you haven't enabled this feature yet.

Connecting Archive to Slack

After clicking the green button above, you will be redirected to a page where you must grant our app permission to access your Slack workspace. You must also decide whether you want notifications sent to a specific channel or through direct messages.

After access is granted and you have chosen the notifications destination, you will be redirected to Archive and will be able to see the configuration options.

Configuring your notifications

Macro- and mega-influencers mention my brand

This option lets you set up Slack notifications to be triggered based on an influencer's follower count. If you want to receive notifications from all influencers, regardless of follower count, you can set this number to zero.

Verified influencers mention my brand

This option will allow you to enable notifications from verified influencers without considering their follower count.

New UGC appears in my saved library view

You can also configure notifications for your Views. You will receive a notification whenever new content is added to a selected View. You can enable Slack notifications for several Views if needed.

Notifications format

Once your notifications are configured, you will begin to receive them. The format of the notifications is as follows:

From Slack, you can view the influencer's username, verification status, number of followers, and post.

Additionally, you can use our View Public Link and Request Usage Rights buttons to be directed to their public page and to send requests for usage rights, respectively.

Testing your notifications

To test our Slack notifications, simply click on Test. We will send a random notification for one of your library's posts, so you don't have to wait for new content to check if everything is working properly.

Refreshing your connection

The Refresh Connection button will be useful when you need to:

  • Connect the integration to a different Slack workspace

  • Change the destination of your notifications

After clicking the Refresh Connection button, you will be taken to the same page where you initially connected our integration with your Slack account. If you wish to add a new Slack workspace, you should click on your Slack workspace name and then select the option Add another workspace from the drop-down list.

We will guide you to a page where you can sign in to your Slack workspace.

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