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Getting Started with Archive's Shoppable Feeds
Getting Started with Archive's Shoppable Feeds

This article aims to provide an initial and general idea about our Shoppable Feeds feature.

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Our Shoppable Feeds feature was designed to prominently showcase your top IG reels, stories, and TikTok content on your e-commerce site.

Here, we will guide you on how to use it on your website.

What do I have to know before starting to use the Shoppable Feeds feature?

  • Archive users can have two different plans, and they don't communicate with each other. To better explain, you can have a free plan for our Archive App and, at the same time, choose a paid plan for the Shoppable Feeds service.

  • We currently offer three types of plans:



Monthly Views



Up to 10,000

Package #1


Up to 200,000



*Package #1 and above will allow you to hide the Archive brand from your Feeds.

How do I start using the Shoppable Feeds?

Creating a new Feed

If you currently don't use the Shoppable Feeds feature, once you click on the Shoppable Feeds page, you will see the following:

Naming your new Feed and choosing the assets

After clicking Create New Feed, you'll need to choose a name for it and select the Collection or View you want to use on it.

Please note:
We will automatically create a Collection called UGC Feed to help you with your job. If you want to learn how to add content to a Collection, please review this article. If you need to learn how to manage Views, please check this one.

Once you click Create Widget, your view will be pretty similar to the one below:

We offer several customizations, but we'll try to be straightforward here because we want to give you just enough knowledge to publish your first Feed.

Choosing your Feed's format

First, you might want to change the format of the content to be shown.

We currently offer Carousel and Stories formats.

Choosing your Feed's content order

You can also change your content order. When creating your Feed, the Smart Ordering option will be "pending" because we do not have the data to order them yet. You can also manually choose the exact order you need.

Choosing the player mode

When moving to the Player option, you will have the following:

  • UGC Display Mode: Choose Popup to feature the player prominently in the center with a dimmed backdrop for focus, or select Side Viewer for a compact player on the screen's edge.

  • Position: Pick Left to anchor the player at the bottom-left or Right for the bottom-right of your screen.

Installing your UGC Feed

After you finish customizing your Feed, go ahead and jump straight to the Install tab.

Analytics will be updated only after your Feed is active.

On the Install page, you must select one of our plans. We don't ask you to pick a plan if you have already chosen one plan before.

Custom Website Code

If your Archive account is not linked to a Shopify Store, we will automatically show the Custom Website Code as your only option.


For Shopify stores, it is also possible to enable a Feed to the following templates:

  • Home Page (default)

  • Collection Page

  • Product Page

Please note that installing the same Feed on different pages is possible.

A step-by-step guide and a video are available to help install your Feed on Online Stores 2.0 and 1.0.

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