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Instagram & TikTok Detection by List
Instagram & TikTok Detection by List
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Are your influencers forgetting to tag you?

Discover all content from your chosen influencers effortlessly. Our Archive feature detects every story, post, reel, and TikTok video, even if they aren't explicitly mentioned or tagged.

๐Ÿ’ก Please note that this feature is available on our Custom plan.

To enable Detect All Content for specific influencers, follow these steps:

Adding Social profiles

  1. Go to the Social Profiles page and click Add & Bulk Label.

    On Social Profiles page click Add & Bulk Label.
  2. Upload Instagram and TikTok usernames by pasting links or usernames in any format.

  3. Create new labels or choose from existing ones for easy filtering later on.

Adding brands and hashtags

  1. Enable the Detect All Content checkbox. This would be applied to all added Instagram/TikTok usernames.

  2. Add your brands' Instagram or TikTok handle/s and Instagram or TikTok hashtags, which can be used as Sources in filters:

  3. That's it! Just click Add, and you'll see immediate results:

P.S. If you encounter any issues with the uploaded social profiles, you can edit them directly in the table.

Reviewing Upload Issues

  1. If there are issues with your update, you'll see a banner at the top right corner of your screen. To edit it, click "Review Issues".

  2. A pop-out screen would appear with a list of social handles with issues. You can update/edit this or ignore the prompt.

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