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How do you upload content from user-generated content links?
How do you upload content from user-generated content links?

You can now save content that was not captured by Archive because your brand was not tagged or mentioned.

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Archive is the app that automatically detects and saves Instagram posts tagged by your brand, not just feed posts but Instagram stories as well. However, there are times when your Social Profile forgets to tag your @mention. In cases like this, you can manually save them to your account.

This feature is not limited to content you're not tagged in. It's also useful whenever Archive misses TikTok content.

Uploading Content From UGC Links

  1. From your Content view, click Upload Content and choose From UGC Link from the list.

  2. Copy and paste the link to the UGC in the space provided, then click Save. If you have multiple sources, choose the best one that would fit the content you're trying to save to your account before clicking on Save.

A banner in the upper-right corner will let you know that Archive is collecting the content for you. In a few minutes, you’ll see another banner confirming it’s successfully saved to your account.

Note: This is only available to customers under any of our paid plans.

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