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How Can I Track Engagement Data?
How Can I Track Engagement Data?
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Wondering how your user-generated content (UGC) is performing? With our Engagement Data feature, you can view engagement metrics for each asset in your library and even get a creator-wise breakdown on the Social Profiles page.

Please note: Engagement data is only available with Archive Advanced and Custom plans, and we do not collect engagement data for Instagram stories.

How it works:

  1. Inside Archive: Visit the library to see views, likes, comments, and shares on every asset. This will help you understand how well your UGC is performing.

  2. Social Profiles Page: You can see the engagement data broken down by creator on the Social Profiles page. This will help you better identify your superstar Social Profiles and understand your audience.

    You can also sort the engagement data on this page in ascending or descending order.

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