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Tracking Content with Hashtags
Tracking Content with Hashtags

Start tracking hashtags

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Does your brand have any campaigns that ask your influencers to use it when they post it on their social media accounts? This article teaches you how to add hashtags to your account.

As soon as you add the hashtag/s, we'll pull up to 30 pieces of the most recent content with the hashtag and save it in your account.

Adding Hashtags

  1. Hover over your left tab menu.

  2. Choose Settings from the list.

  3. On your Source tab, click Add Source.

  4. From the Hashtags section, choose your desired Social Media type.

  5. Input the hashtag you want Archive to start tracking.

  6. Once finalized, click Add Source.

Note: If you're trying to add a popular hashtag like McDonalds, you may encounter this warning:

Adding a popular hashtag can easily bump up the number of your Social Profiles, which can greatly affect your chosen plan.

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