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Hide and Unhide Social Profiles
Hide and Unhide Social Profiles
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How do I hide a Social Profile?

You can hide any Social Profile to stop Archive from detecting their content (and automatically delete their already detected content, too).

  1. Find an asset in your library created by that Social Profile and click to open the asset’s [...] menu.

  2. Click Hide content from @socialprofile.

We’ll automatically stop detecting that Social Profile’s content forever or until you unhide them.

How do I unhide a Social Profile?

You can unhide the hidden Social Profiles if you decide to see their content again.

Here's how:

  1. Click the Hamburger icon and choose Settings from the list.

  2. Go to your Workspace tab.

  3. Scroll down and click Hidden Social Profiles.

  4. From here, you can select all the Social Profiles you want to unhide.

    Hidden Social Profiles.png
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