What is the Social Profiles Page?

What is the Social Profiles Page and How Can It Enhance My Brand Engagement?

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The Social Profiles page is a feature designed to help you better understand your audience, reach, and performance. Here's how you can leverage this page to your advantage:

  1. Discover the Social Profiles page: This page showcases everyone posting about your brand. It's an excellent tool for identifying which users actively engage with your brand and could serve as brand ambassadors or influencers.

  2. Engagement Tracking: The Social Profiles page provides valuable data on user interactions with your brand, offering insights into which types of content generate the most engagement.

  3. Use of custom filters: To save time and find the right creators quickly, apply custom filters to your search. This could mean filtering by users with a certain number of followers or posting about specific topics relevant to your brand.

P.S: The Social Profiles feature is currently available for Archive users with Custom plans.

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