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How Can I Add Labels to My Library?
How Can I Add Labels to My Library?

Explore the method to add and manage Labels directly within your library.

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Label your Social Profiles

Add a personal touch to your Social Profiles by adding Labels directly to their profile. These labels will automatically display all of their content in your library. This feature is a great way to organize and categorize content for easy accessibility.

Step-by-step Instructions

Step 1: Select a Social Profile

Open your library and select the Social Profile to which you want to add a Label.

Step 2: Add Label

Under the social profile's asset, you'll find the option to add Labels. Choose an existing label or create a new label by typing the name and pressing enter.

Step 3: Filter by Labels

Once you've added your Labels, you can filter your library by these labels. This allows you to view all the assets posted by Social Profiles that share specific labels.

Labels make it easier for you to categorize and organize your content. You can add as many labels as you like, and edit or delete them whenever you want.

Please note that this feature is only available for our Paid Plans.

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