What is Super Search?
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Super Search is an AI-powered image search tool. It analyzes individual images in your library to find the most relevant UGC. You can Super Search for UGC depicting specific objects, activities, or attributes.

In a nutshell, the Super Search AI understands images the same way people understand language. When you type a keyword or phrase into Super Search, the tool will find the UGC in your library that is the best possible match.

How to use Super Search

Find UGC featuring specific objects or products

You can use Super Search to find all your UGC depicting specific objects or products. Try combining multiple descriptive elements (color, material, shape, size, etc.) to improve your results. Here are some examples:

Find UGC featuring specific actions or activities

You can also Super Search for UGC that shows people taking certain actions or participating in specific activities. You can focus on the action/activity itself, or combine it with other physical details. Here are some examples:

Improve your Super Search results

Add context to refine your results

The more details you include in your Super Search query, the better your results will be. While you can always cast a wide net with a broad search (“yellow shirt,” for example), combining multiple terms will help the AI narrow down its results to show you the most relevant UGC possible.

Let’s take our example from above and layer on additional details to form a more precise Super Search query:

Advanced Super Search Features

Super Search: Text Match

Super Search: Text Match uses Optical Character Recognition technology to identify text within images. You can use the Text Match feature to find UGC that includes a specific string of text, like a brand label or product title displayed on packaging, for example.

Super Search: Image Match

Super Search: Image Match allows you to find UGC that matches a visual reference. Just upload the image you want to use, and the Super Search AI will find the most relevant UGC in your library. There are a few ways you can use the Image Match feature:

1. Graphic Element

Upload a brand logo, product photo, or graphical element that you want to search for. (You’ll be able to crop your image file after you upload it.)

2. Style Similarities

Upload a piece of UGC that you love or that performed well to find assets that have a similar composition, color scheme, model, context, etc.

Please note that this feature is only available for Custom plan users.

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