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Adding and Removing Labels
Adding and Removing Labels
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Having lots of Social Profiles posting different content regarding your brand can be overwhelming, especially when you’re running campaigns. The Labels Feature can help you with that.

This allows you to create labels for specific Social Profiles to track their engagements and stats occasionally or when running campaigns and the like.

How to add Labels:

  • On your HomePage, click on the Social Profiles Tab.

  • You’ll see the list of the Social Profiles you have in your account.

  • You can then type in your desired label for that Social Profile. In cases where you already previously added some labels, those labels will show up as an option when typing. Feel free to select your desired label if it’s already added.

  • If you wish to remove a label, you can click the “X” icon just right beside the label itself.

If you want to assign specific labels to lots of Social Profiles simultaneously, you have the option to Upload a Custom Label.

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