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Connecting Multiple TikTok Accounts
Connecting Multiple TikTok Accounts
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Our latest feature introduces the capability to seamlessly connect multiple TikTok accounts to our app, enhancing user experience and engagement. This innovative functionality lets users connect multiple TikTok accounts to Archive and let Archive capture any content with your @mention_tag in the description.

Here's how to connect more accounts:

  1. Go to your "Settings" page.

  2. Scroll down to "Source," and you'll see the TikTok section.

  3. Click on "Add Account".

  4. Read through the Reminder before you click the "Set Up Reminders" button.

  5. Double-check the emails that will receive the TikTok Reconnection Notice. You can also add or remove emails. If you're all set with the list, click the "Connect TikTok" button.

  6. Once you're redirected to the connection page, follow the instructions shared on the page.


  • Please ensure you're logged in to the other TikTok account (via mobile app) you want to connect to Archive.

  • Connecting multiple TikTok accounts is only available on our Custom plan. See our pricing page here.

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