On Sept 30, we’re introducing new, simpler pricing for Archive App:

You can see the full pricing details & select a plan by visiting Archive App.

What does this mean for existing customers?

  • Between now and Sept 30, nothing will change.

  • Next time you visit Archive App, you'll be asked to select a new plan.

  • Your new plan will take effect on your next billing date after Sept 30.

Why did we change our pricing?

First, our #1 source of customer feedback was pricing. The old pricing (based on cumulative total number of posts saved) was confusing and led to unpredictable monthly charges.

Secondly, Archive App we’ve launched great new features like Usage Rights Requests, Smart Search, API, Collections, TikTok, ten new filters, and dozens more updates.

Like many businesses we've previewed this change to, you’ll hopefully find our new pricing simple and predictable.

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